Saturday, August 25, 2007

A campaign to reduce children's exposure to pesticides, toxins, and junk foods

The Four Appetite for a Change Goals:
STOP spraying toxic pesticides on school property, playgrounds and in buildings, and convert to integrated pest management practices.
KICK junk foods and junk food ads out of our schools.
START converting school lunches to healthier menus, using locally grown and/or organic and transition to organic ingredients (no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, irradiation or genetically engineered ingredients). Offer vegetarian options.
TEACH kids about healthy food choices and sustainable agriculture through school garden projects and curriculum materials.


Jennifer said...

I noticed you follow my blog and thought I'd come check yours out.
I'm happy to report that they've recently removed the junk food in the schools at our district.

hippos toes said...

Scary stuff for sure. It's mind boggling how much junk and chemicals our children (and ourselves) are ingesting. I also love California Baby products for my son. I understand they are very good (at least that is what I hope). :)

dlbhook said...

I'm so glad to find your blog. I have struggled off an on with the food and cosmetics industry. Sometimes I buy organic. Other times, I can't afford and so I look the other way. Recently, I've gone vegan, which has raised my consciousness to a all-time high level for me and my family of five, including kids who are 20, 16 and 11. I don't know how to manage our intake, though, as the die has been cast. I want to go through the house and throw everything away that is not good for us. But, for one thing, I can't afford to buy all-organic. Please tell me there's a way to do this. I will look for future posts. Good for you and the good information you are putting out there. All best and keep it up. (